Dr. Laura Hodsdon – Project Leader and UK Principal Investigator

Dr Laura Hodsdon is Senior Research Fellow at Falmouth University, and Project Leader and UK Principal Investigator of the Re:voice project. Her research focuses on heritage and landscape, with a particular interest in social justice. Interests include discourses of/in sites and landscapes and how they relate to power, and linking these to practice and policy for access and inclusion; missing or hidden heritage stories; and how different people relate to and engage with heritage. Before working at Falmouth, she was Policy Advisor in the Equality and Diversity Unit at the University of Oxford.

“Common to all my research and policy roles has been an interest in how people see themselves and others, what the impact of those narratives might be on equality and social justice, and what to do about it. With the Re:voice project, I want to look at intangible heritage in a holistic context, thinking about how different groups in society interact within and around cultural heritage, and how to leverage positive aspects of those interactions to ensure heritage practices remain vital while empowering and respecting marginalised cultures.”