Dr. Antine Zijlstra – Researcher and Project Leader Field Research

Antine Zijlstra is a researcher and the field research project leader for Re-voicing cultural landscapes – narratives, perspectives, and performances of marginalised intangible cultural heritage (Re:voice) (JPICH, Horizon 2020) (University of Groningen). She has a PhD in the field of theatre studies and arts marketing from the University of Groningen (Netherlands), with her thesis called Serious happiness, towards a model for the analysis of value hierarchies in theatre use.

Zijlstra focuses on qualitative research on the values of theatre attendance and has worked on research commissioned by various arts organisations and governments. She taught arts marketing and theatre studies in the Department for Arts, Culture, and Media at the Institute of Humanities (University of Groningen). She also works as a teacher and researcher at the Department of Art in Education at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden (Netherlands). Her latest research project was Dialogic spaces, in which interactive social media communication strategies were developed for increasing online discussions about artistic events. Currently, she is also preparing research projects on ‘Arts for health care and wellbeing’ and ‘Arts and citizenship education’.